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Think of us as your Digital Product Creation and Commerce partner. We’ll help you build your 3D foundation, converting your 2D patterns into 3D blocks so you can easily create new styles and trim iterations. Products you create using the 3D blocks we create for you will be manufacture-ready. We also generate commerce-ready images so you can test market or pre-sell products ahead of production – without photoshoot or photoshop expenses. Digital product creation provides you with options you never thought possible.
Formerly with Li & Fung, UNIFi3D has the largest, most experienced, most skilled 3D product creation team in the business. We’ve been creating manufacturable 3D products for over three years, helping 100+ brands on their digital transformation journey. We’ve helped some of the largest brands develop and execute against digital workflows. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know where the pitfalls lie. Our teams are led by industry veterans from Burberry, Nike, Spider, and other thought leaders in digital product creation. Our execution teams are masters in patternmaking and 3D, enabling them to depict complex weaves, fabrics, and accessories in true-to-life detail. For more information, see our 3D Services page.

3D product creation allows you to remain competitive in a market where customers’ wants and needs are constantly changing. With digital product creation, you’ll enjoy shorter lead times between design and market readiness. Your teams can validate, review, edit, and make data-backed decisions in days instead of weeks.

Because you can make edits and unlimited iterations without physical sampling, you’ll also reduce your environmental impact, a boon to your company’s sustainability initiatives.

With true-to-life 3D products, you can move from line review to e-commerce and marketing without costly and time-consuming photoshoots.

We offer free consultations to help you determine the best way to get started with your 3D product creation journey. Once we understand your current workflow, goals, and challenges, we can develop a program that will work best for you so that you avoid the frustrations and missteps common to companies trying to make the switch to digital product creation.

What differentiates UNIFi3d from digital transformation consultancies and 3D outsourcing service companies is that we can provide the optimum path and help you execute. We’ll effectively become part of your team as you focus on what you do best – designing and bringing the right products to market. All the while, your team will be learning a new way of working.

For more information, see our Services page.

The first step is a free consultation, which we’ll conduct via video conference. During this time, we’ll identify your goals, assess your current workflow, and determine how big a step you want to take. We’ll come back with a proposed digital workflow and UNIFi3D services. For those completely new to 3D product creation, we typically recommend starting with one team and a basic category. Basic categories are typically more predictable in execution and have more carryover shapes, allowing teams to adjust to seeing and working with 3D samples in lieu of physical ones.

Starting with one team also allows for easier communication. Getting their commitment to a digital workflow is key to a successful transition, and this is often more easily achieved with a single team.

Once you’ve decided on a path, all you’ll need is internet access. We’ll take care of all the software licenses required to help you execute.

Digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right foundation, your 3D journey is guaranteed to be frustration-free.

The 3D product components are block/2D pattern, tech pack, digital avatar, fabric swatch, trims, and artwork. If you don’t already have these, we’ll either help you identify sources or help you create them.

Depending on the complexity of the garment, it can take 5-7 business days for the first digital product. Revisions can be made within 2-3 days, perhaps less. It all depends on the complexity.

You may need to request for Alvanon to release the digital version of your avatar. We can help you gain access to your Alvanon digital form; a fee may apply. If you don’t already have a digital form, we can take your fit model’s measurements and create one for you.

No. UNIFi3D provides all 3D services, including revisions. You can send feedback, comments, and revision requests to UNIFi3D, and we’ll take care of the rest, including sending you the revised 2D pattern you need for production.

12 x 12 inches or 30 x 30 centimeters. This fabric swatch will be received by our Hong Kong team to scan, test, and edit (as necessary). You will be provided with a digital fabric file, which can be applied to any 3D sample.

For an additional cost, UNIFi3D can make pattern/block edits if you or your production vendor are unable to do so.

3D brings tremendous value to any committed brand. Our pricing strategies are simple and are based strictly on needs and requirements.

Please request a FREE Consultation to connect with a dedicated representative to get answers to all your questions.


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