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To accelerate apparel brands' transition to creating and selling products digitally at scale.

Our Story

3D is the first step to digital transformation, and that requires a technically savvy workforce. But clothing brands are built by people with artistic creativity, vision, and individuality – not technologists.

Staying ahead of the competition requires faster product development, faster time to market, sustainability, and a better view into the supply chain. Consumer preferences and the growing importance of sustainability are forcing apparel companies to digitally transform their businesses. But without technical expertise, change can seem overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We founded UNIFi3D to help brands accelerate their digital transformation. Because we were the original team at Li & Fung’s Digital Product Development Center of Excellence, we have extensive experience in merchandising, sourcing, manufacturing, and e-commerce, giving us a 360° view into the apparel supply chain. That view, combined with the right 3D skills, makes us uniquely qualified to help brands with their digital product development journeys.

You can take big steps or little steps. We can tailor services that are perfect for your current journey. Our goal is to make sure you succeed until you’re off and running on your own.

3D Product Creation & Education Services

UNIFI3D is not just another 3D service. We’re a digital product creation and commerce house that can help you get started or augment your team. We’ll help you identify where 3D can bring you the most value today. We’ll guide you in integrating digital product creation into your existing processes and help you adapt to a digital workflow. We'll also provide educational workshops that will help you get the most out of your engagement with UNIFi3D, including helping your team become an expert digital workforce.

Our highly-trained and skilled professionals have extensive experience in digital product creation and commerce for the apparel industry. And because of our end-to-end supply chain experience, you can be sure that anything our team creates on your behalf is manufacturable, as well as e-commerce and marketing-ready.

Meet Our 3D Team Leaders

Idy Lee Head of Services

Our industry has been slow to adopt technology. We’re still doing things the same way they’ve been done for the last 50 years. 3D digital product creation helps us improve the world while making fashion a more sustainable and profitable business. I like that we’re exploring different ways of working and looking at how technology can be an enabler of change.

At UNIFi3D, we’re working with agile companies that are prepared to embrace a new, more dynamic way of working. Those with an appetite for change and the passion to make a difference. We’re helping them bring products to market that consumers are demanding.

The new norm is digital. An intuitive, digital supply chain is how we can produce garments that consumers want. It’s the way to eliminate waste, the way to responsible consumption.

I’m excited to help companies get there.

Eric Lee Business Development Lead

I’ve worked with many international apparel brands, so I’ve seen the inner workings of many of them. I know that no two companies have the same characteristics, and while many elements of a digital rollout can be similar, there is no single roadmap that works for everyone.

Any digital transformation takes a tremendous amount of time and resources to accomplish. There is often a huge learning curve and the process of gathering knowledge involves selecting the right tools and partners. Here at UNIFi3D, we apply the knowledge we’ve gained in helping 100+  brands and retailers rollout 3D sampling to help any apparel brand or retailer start and scale digital sampling initiatives quickly.

I enjoy traveling and exploring new places. I’m proud that the work we do at UNIFi3D contributes to keeping the world beautiful, so that the next generation can enjoy exploring as much as I do. 

Chris Okazaki Educational Services Lead

I’ve got 20+ years of experience in retail, sourcing, development, and manufacturing. During the last six years, I’ve been involved in digital product creation. I’ve seen firsthand the effect that digital processes have on product lifecycles and top and bottom-line results.

It’s an exciting time to be part of this digital revolution and see how technology is used to transform traditional ways of working. UNIFi3D is uniquely positioned to help clients discover, create, make and sell better products with digital processes and technologies.  We’ve got experts in digital transformation, expansive libraries of digital blocks and materials, and a large group of ultra-talented digital designers.

I’ve lived and worked in the USA, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong – and I still love to travel. What we’re doing at UNIFi3d can help protect the beauty that’s in this world.

Round-the-clock services.

With offices around the globe, the UNIFi3D team can be working on your projects 24-hours a day. That means faster turnarounds so that you never miss a deadline.

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