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“Real Fast” Fashion: How Flamingo Uses 3D in its Consumer-to-Manufacturer Supply Chain Model to Increase Conversion Rates and Reduce Returns

For Flamingo, “fast fashion” defines the length of time it takes from the customer order to manufacturing the finished product. “Real fast’ fashion tells the story of how 3D is helping Flamingo identify exactly which products customers actually want and manufacturing only those, and how that results in an enviable 2% return rate while keeping inventory at extremely low levels.


Targeting Latina women, digital native Flamingo began selling its products in September of 2018. By implementing 3D and the consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) supply chain model that’s taken hold in China, Flamingo is seeing massive growth in revenue and customers. The company uses photorealistic 3D images of products to determine what customers want — which styles, which colors &emdash; and within five to seven days, they’re ready for mass production. With 3D, Flamingo is able to produce only what will sell. Consequently, the company enjoys an enviable 2% return rate. “Real fast’ fashion tells the story of how the founders are succeeding, despite not having had prior industry experience.


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