Created exclusively in 3D.

You provide the designs, we do the 3D magic. With UNIFi3D as your partner, transitioning to digital product creation and commerce has never been easier.

3D is about making your life easier.

Digital product creation and commerce are here, and we can help you make the switch. You provide the creative vision, we provide the expertise. You get shorter product development cycles, faster time to market, and buy decisions that are closer to what your customers want. Meanwhile, your product development team learns new skills.


Faster Time to Market


Increase in Adoption


Increase in Sell-Thru


Walk the talk. Sustainability through 3D.

3D is the first step towards your brand's digital transformation, and we can help you get there - fast. Whether you're just getting started or just need to scale your efforts, no other team has more experience than UNIFi3D.

With UNIFi3D, you get strategy and execution.


Focus on your vision.
We’ll sweat the details.

With UNIFi3D as your partner, designers get to focus on what they do best: design. We’ll take care of the fabric and drape simulations and make sure your designs are manufacturable.

Along the way, we'll teach you the tricks of digital product creation. So that one day soon, you’ll be dragging and dropping like a pro.


In-season buying. With 3D, it's possible.

What if you could see collections within days of a season instead of months? With 3D, you can. Less guesswork, less ambiguity, and best of all, it’s easier to collaborate with the rest of the team.

Commerce & Marketing

Pre-season hype. The power of anticipation.

Imagine being able to test products before manufacturing them. Imagine being able to start selling online before products arrive. Imagine being able to create your campaigns months in advance.

This is the power of 3D.

Our Offerings

Our 3D services are straightforward, all aimed at accelerating your digital transformation.

3D Services

Collaborative. Guaranteed manufacturability.

We believe in collaboration. We'll work closely with your design team to build your block library so that eventually, they can drag, drop, and select to create new looks. We guarantee that any 3D design we create on your behalf is manufacturable.

If you sell online, we can create or refine your existing assets to be e-commerce ready. With the right 3D partner, you can begin marketing even before your products are manufactured.


Educational services are part of the package.

With a goal to help you create a successful digital workflow, we bundle a suite of workshops and training programs designed to ensure you get the most value from your digital assets.

Teamwork. We take care of the nitty-gritty,
so you don't have to.

Fabric Digitalization
Digital Fit
3D Pattern Making

Getting started is easy.

UNIFi3D makes things easy. See what's possible — free of charge.

Free Consultation

A virtual meeting is all it takes for us to help identify your current needs and determine where we can help.


Based on our initial meeting, we'll outline a proposal that will help you get started and build a business case.

Discovery Packages

Our simple pricing structure makes it easy for you to get started or accelerate your 3D journey.

Discover how UNIFi3D can free up
your time for more creativity.

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