We can accelerate your digital fashion design transformation and tailor our services to fit your needs

UNIFi3D was the original team at Li & Fung’s Digital Product Development Center of Excellence since 2016. In 2021, UNIFi3D spun-off as an independent entity under LFX, Li & Fung’s digital venture arm.

We created UNIFi3D to help fashion brands accelerate their digital transformation. We’re passionate about using digital technology to transform design processes to bring products to market faster. Promoting sustainable consumption, we only produce what consumers want to increase sell through and eliminate waste.

3D design experts

Dedicated team of 30+ 3D artists, designers, technicians, pattern makers, and merchandisers

6+ years expertises

Specialization in 50+ apparel categories having created over 500,000 digital products for 100+ brands

10+ CAD tools

Access to 10+ software applications for digital product creation

Premium quality

Our 3D experts can assist with integrating digital product creations and adapting digital workflows into your existing design processes quickly and efficiently

Our experience


Different fabrics, trims and blocks to work with letting you can see your ideas take place instantly


Experience in working with 100+ brands, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands


Receive support from our global team 24 hours a day so you can never miss a deadline

Get access to 10 unique software applications for digital product design

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