UNIFi3D and BeProduct join forces to streamline DPC and lifecycle management

Hong Kong, 3 March, 2023 – TODAY, UNIFi3D, a leading 3D-as-a-Service company, is joining forces with BeProduct, a leading digital product platform (DPP) solutions provider, to create a streamlined digital product creation and lifestyle management process for major brands, retailers, and manufacturers. As digital fashion and digital asset management continue to rapidly evolve, UNIFi3D will combine its expertise in manufacturing know-how and 3D digital product creation with BeProduct’s interoperable digital product platform. The result will be an enhanced platform to manage all digital assets, workflows, processes, and facilitate collaboration and creation between designers, vendors, manufacturers and buyers in real-time.

Since 2016, UNIFi3D has been helping brand owners transition to the digital product creation space. By accelerating the creation and sale of digital products at scale, UNIFi3D has helped brands and retailers significantly cut production lead times, costs, and raw material waste. BeProduct is a smart, secure social space, designed for creativity and collaboration. Its cloud-based centralized platform brings the essential parts of the product creation process into one space, allowing designers, buyers and merchandisers to conveniently collaborate anywhere, anytime.

“By combining UNIFi3D’s expertise and BeProduct’s platform, we can offer brands and retailers comprehensive solutions that will address their digital product creation and digital workflow needs while bringing their products to market faster, with greater efficiency and lower costs,” said Jessica Lee, Head of Operations and Strategic Partnerships, UNIFi3D.

“We are excited to partner with UNIFi3D to create a future-forward digital product creation and lifecycle management ecosystem,” said Matthew Cochran, Senior Vice President, BeProduct. “This partnership will serve as a major catalyst in increasing collaboration, product creation efficiencies, and ultimately drive sustainability outcomes for the fashion industry.”

About UNIFi3D

UNIFi3D is a leading 3D-as-a-Service company established in 2016 as Li & Fung’s Digital Product Development Center of Excellence. In 2021, UNIFi3D spun-off as an independent entity under LFX, Li & Fung’s digital venture arm. UNIFi3D is created to help fashion brands accelerate their digital transformation and leveraging digital technology to scall-up design processes and improve speed-to-market. For more information, please visit https://unifi3d.co/.

About BeProduct

BeProduct is a leading digital product platform (DPP) system that is specifically designed to manage all digital assets, workflows, processes, and facilitate co-collaboration and co-creation between and with vendor partners in real time. The platform enables major brands, retailers, and manufacturers to streamline their digital product creation and lifecycle management processes. For more information, please visit https://us.beproduct.com/.

For more information, please contact:

Wenny Huang, UNIFi3D: WennyHuang@unifi3d.co

Matthew Cochran, BeProduct: matthew.cochran@beproduct.com